Kum Memory Point Cat-Tongue Brush



Kum BR-MP-CT “Memory Point Cat-Tongue” Brush

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The wide, tapered shape combines the advantages of the flat and the round versions. This makes cat tongue shaped brushes particularly versatile. The shape allows the artist to create an even application and smooth colour transitions, as well as to paint lines and fine details. In addition, it is ideal for painting round shapes.

Kum brushes are all expertly hand-made in Germany.

Memory Point brushes employ an exclusive high-tech fibre that far surpasses other synthetic fibres in brushes. The brush tip maintains its perfect shape even after repeated use. This property gives the artist precise control, allowing the expression of the smallest details. The bristles exhibit excellent elasticity and durability.

With excellent storage capacity, Memory Point brushes are also suitable for large-scale work. Colour can be optimally absorbed and released. Thus, even surfaces and colour gradients can be created quickly and easily.

Unlike many conventional brushes, Memory Point brushes are extremely versatile and are suitable for multiple mediums.

It is ideal for:
– watercolor or aquarelle
– gouache
– acrylic
– reverse glass painting
– silk painting

You can use the Memory Point on various surfaces like:
– paper
– canvas
– silk
– glass

The Memory Point Brush has a short handle, which makes it particularly suitable for painting at the table. The smooth, round surface makes it comfortable to hold.

Brand: Kum
Product Code: BR-MP-CT (Art. No. listed below)
Type: Brush
Tip Shape: Cat-Tongue

Manufacturer Article Numbers:
#6 – 514.00.11
#8 – 514.01.11
#10 – 514.02.11
#12 – 514.03.11
#14 – 514.04.11

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