Pilot BKAB-45F Acroball 4 Fine Pen



Pilot BKAB-45F “Acroball 4” (Fine) Multi Color Ballpoint Pen

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The BKAB-45F Acroball 4 multi-color ballpoint pen gives you a convenient choice of 4 colors in one pen.

The pen has black, blue, green and red inks.

The Acroball 4 pen features a soft, non-slip grip made of a uniquely developed rubber material with a patented tire thread-like pattern for comfortable writing.

The Acro ink used in Acroball pens has 1/5 the viscosity of general oil-based ballpoint pens, allowing the ball in the pen tip to rotate smoothly. This gives an effortless and skip-free writing experience.

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: BKAB-45F
Type: Multi Color Ballpoint pen
Ink: Oil-based (Low-viscosity)
Tip: Stainless steel
Ball Diameter: 0.7mm
Width of Stroke: 0.25mm
Weight: 14.7g

Refill: BVRF-8F

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