Pilot LFBS-144UF Set/8 Frixion Ball Slim Clear Body Pen



Pilot LFBS-144UF-NC8C Set of 8 “Frixion Ball Slim” 0.38 (Ultra-Fine) Clear Body Roller Ball Pen

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Set of eight (8) Frixion Ball Slim Clear Body ultra-fine roller ball pens.

Pilot’s popular Frixion Ball roller ball pen in a convenient space-saving slim body. Its ultra-fine tip is ideal for writing notes at the margins of textbooks, or quickly jotting down ideas and reminders in your pocket notebook. You can string a lanyard through the hole in the knocker and carry it conveniently with your ID.

The revolutionary “Frixion” ink is a thermo-sensitive gel ink. The color of the ink becomes colorless (“disappears”) due to the heat generated by friction when rubbing the rubber tail plug of the pen on the paper. The writing is erased without debris. Frixion-series pens can write repeatedly on the same spot with the same pen.

Set contains 8 pens of different colors.

Ink Colors:
Black, Blue Black, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and Violet

– As with any non-permanent or erasable writing instrument, do not use on legal or official documents.
– Frixion ink becomes colorless (becomes “erased”) upon reaching 60℃. To restore color, cool to -10℃ in freezer. Restored writing may be smudged and fainter than the original writing.

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: LFBS-144UF-NC8C
Type: Roller ball pen (Set)
Ink: Water-based (Thermo-sensitive)
Tip: Stainless steel
Tip Diameter: 0.38mm
Width of Stroke: 0.2mm
Weight: 65.5g

Refill: LFBTRF-30UF or LFBTRF-12UF (currently not available locally)

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