Pilot LHM-180C4 Set/12 Hi-Tec-C maica Roller Ball Pen


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Set of twelve (12) “Hi-Tec-C maica” (“G-Tec-C maica” in most markets outside Japan) roller ball pens.

Ink colors:
Apple Orange (AO), Baby Pink (BP), Black (B), Blue (L), Blue Black (BB), Brown (BN), Green (G), Light Blue (LB), Orange (O), Pink (P), Red (R), Violet (V).

Bio-Polymer Ink prevents feathering and provides the smoothest writing every time.

Designed for very fine writing, its needle-point tip consists of a 0.4mm carbide ball mounted on a fine stainless steel pipe held by 3 dimples for minimal friction.

This G-Tec-C variant has an attractive design with a glittering multifaceted top plug on its cap.

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: LHM-180C4
Type: Roller ball pen (Set)
Ink: Water-based gel
Tip: Stainless steel pipe
Ball Diameter: 0.4mm
Width of Stroke: 0.20mm
Weight: 166.1g

Refill: BLS-GC4

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