Pilot LJP-20S4 Black Juice Up 0.4 Pen



Pilot LJP20S4 “Juice Up” 0.4 (Ultra-Fine) Black Roller Ball Pen

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The Juice Up 0.4 pen is an ultra-fine retractable roller ball pen using a gel-based pigment ink with an innovative tip design.

The specially developed ink has excellent water-resistance and fade-resistance.

The pen features Pilot’s new “Synergy” tip, which is a combination cone and needle tip. The new tip ensures the reliable flow of the pigment gel-ink to provide smooth precise writing.

The slender stylish body has a low center of gravity which provides a more stable and easy writing experience. The color indicator in the push button shows at a glance if the tip is extended or retracted.

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: LJP-20S4
Type: Roller ball pen
Ink: Water-based gel (Pigment-type)
Tip: Stainless steel
Ball Diameter: 0.4mm
Width of Stroke: 0.2mm
Weight: 11.6g

Refill: LP3RF12S4-B (currently not available locally)

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