Pilot LJU-60 Juice Pen Set of 6



Pilot LJU-60EF and LJU-60UF Set of 6 Juice Roller Gel Pen

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Set of six (6) Juice roller ball pens.

Juice is a fun and colorful retractable pigment-based gel-ink roller ball pen.

Its water-resistant pigment ink writes smoothly with brilliant colors even on dark paper and most photograph papers.

The durable lift-clip holds tight even on thick fabric or objects thanks to its coil spring. If you prefer, you can string a chain through the hole in the clip and hang the pen from your bag or from your neck with your ID.

Set contains 6 pens of different colors.

Ink Colors:
LJU-60EF-6C – Apple Green, Apricot Orange, Baby Pink, Grape, Light Blue, and Orange
LJU-60EF-6CM – Gold, Silver, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink, and Metallic Violet
LJU-60EF-6CP – White, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, Pastel Violet, and Pastel Yellow
LJU-60UF-6C – Apple Green, Apricot Orange, Baby Pink, Grape, Light Blue, and Orange

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: LJU-60EF and LJU-60UF
Type: Roller ball pen (Set)
Ink: Water-based gel (Pigment-type)
Tip: Stainless steel
Ball Diameter:
.. Extra Fine – 0.5mm
.. Ultra Fine – 0.38mm
Width of Stroke:
..Extra Fine – 0.28mm to 0.35mm (Depending on color)
.. Ultra Fine – 0.24mm to 0.26mm (Depending on color)
Weight: 66.2g

Refill: Non-refillable

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