Pilot OctoBEAR Promo Pack 02


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Pilot “OctoBEAR to Remember” Promo Pack #02

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Pilot OctoBEAR to Remember Promo Pack #02 “The Violet Pack”

Set includes:
P-BL-GCM4-V – Pilot BL-GCM4 Purple G-Tec-C “maica” Pen
P-BPAB-15F-V – Pilot BPAB-15F Violet Acroball Ball Pen
P-BP-S-F-V – Pilot BP-S-F Violet/Purple Ball Pen
P-BXGPN-V5-V – Pilot BX-GPN-V5 Violet Hi-Tecpoint Grip
P-HCR-197-V – Pilot HCR-197 Violet Mechanical Pencil
P-HFC-20R(DV) – Pilot HFC-20R Mechanical Pencil “Fure Fure Corone” 0.5 (Dot Violet)
P-LJU-10F-V – Pilot LJU-10F Violet “Juice 0.7” Roller Ball Pen
P-PLCR-7-V – Pilot PLCR-7 Violet Color Lead ENO
P-SW-FL-SV – Pilot SW-FL Soft Violet Frixion Light

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