Pilot OctoBEAR Promo Pack 07


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Pilot “OctoBEAR to Remember” Promo Pack #07

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Pilot OctoBEAR to Remember Promo Pack #07

Set includes:
N-PJMT-15S016 – Nichiban PJMT-15S 016 Petit Joie Masking Tape 15mm x 18m
P-LHKRF-10C5-AG – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Apple Green Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-B – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Black Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-BB – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Blue Black Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-CRP – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Cherry Pink Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-G – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Green Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-L – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Blue Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-R – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Red Coleto Refill 0.5
P-LHKRF-10C5-V – Pilot LHKRF-10C5 Violet Coleto Refill 0.5
P-PLHKCG25C (asstd) – Pilot PLHKCG25C Coleto Barrel 5-Color

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