Pilot SC-6600 Jumbo Marker Permanent


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Pilot SC-6600 “Super Color” (Jumbo) Permanent Marker

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The SC-6600 jumbo permanent marker has a wide and broad chisel-shaped tip, aluminum barrel, and a large ink tank. It is able to write on almost any surface.

It can be refilled by unscrewing the plastic tip portion and putting in the ink using a dropper.

Pilot’s SC-series (Super Color Marker) permanent-type markers use an oil-based ink that is fast-drying and water-proof.

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: SC-6600
Type: Marker (Permanent-type)
Ink: Oil-based
Tip: Acrylic fibre
Tip Diameter: 10.0mm – 12.5mm (Chisel shape)
Width of Stroke: 3.0mm – 12.5mm
Weight: 56.4g

Refill: SC-RF

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