Panfix PXU1-12D CT-FIT Cellulose Tape Cutter



Panfix PXU1-12D CT-FIT Tape with Dispenser and Cutter 12mm x 9.1m (0.47in x 29.2ft)

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Traditional adhesive tapes with cellophane backing, made with cellulose from natural wood pulp. Very strong adhesive made from natural rubber.

The natural rubber adhesive works well even in cold temperatures.

Easy to hold dispenser with finger forms for a secure grip. Tape window shows how much tape remains at a glance. Cutter has protective curve guards to protect fingers.

Nichiban Panfix tapes are Eco-Friendly cellulose adhesive tapes:
1. Cellulose tape backing made from natural materials (wood pulp)
2. Natural rubber based adhesive
3. Cylinder core is made from recycled paper
4. Completely biodegradable

Dispenser can be reused with compatible sized adhesive tapes.

Brand: Panfix
Product Code: PXU1-12D
Type: Cellulose tape
Width: 12.0mm (0.47in)
Length: 9.1m (29.9ft)
Core Diameter: 25.4mm (1.0in)

Refill: PCT-1209C1

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