Pilot SCA-VSC-M V Super Color Medium Marker



Pilot SCA-VSC-M “V Super Color” (Medium, Bullet) Permanent Marker

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The SCA-VSC-M V Super Color permanent marker is a general-use marker with a bullet-shaped tip that uses liquid ink in convenient easy-to-use cartridges.

Its Twin Pipe Feeder (TPF) system ensures a stable ink flow to the tip of the pen. Thanks to the TPF system, the density of writing does not fade and stays uniform from the first stroke until the ink cartridge is empty.

The marker writes clearly on vinyl and plastic, and the writing stays on the surface even when it is rubbed. The large ribbed cap is easy to take off.

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: SCA-VSC-M
Type: Marker (Permanent-type)
Ink: Alcohol-based
Tip: Acrylic fibre
Tip Diameter: 4.5mm
Width of Stroke: 0.90mm
Weight: 24.6g

Refill: SCAS-VSC

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